UAE: inquiry into 'women's branch' of Islamic group

Linked to July arrests, other more recent ones against MB

09 January, 18:00

(ANSAmed) - DUBAI, JANUARY 9 - There is also a ''women's branch'' of an alleged secret Islamic organisation accused of plotting to overthrow Gulf monarchies, many members of which were arrested in July. The news was reported in a statement released by the UAE Prosecutor General's office. ''The women's branch is an integral part of the organisation's overall structure, and it will be treated as such before the law, which does not make gender-based distinctions,'' said Prosecutor General Salim Said Kubaish in a statement published by the WAM news agency. ''The interrogations of the women under detention are being carried out with full respect for their right to privacy and in line with Koranic law,'' Kubaish underscored, specifying neither the identities of those being interrogated nor the number of those under investigation. The latest inquiry is only the most recent in a series of crackdowns by UAE authorities against groups suspected of undermining national security. Last week eleven Egyptians accused of belonging to a Muslim Brotherhood cell were arrested in an operation that embarrassed the authorities in Egypt, which is now governed by a party created by the Muslim Brotherhood itself. A few days ago a sweep-up operation landed a number of UAE nationals and Saudis affiliated with Al Islah behind bars on accusations of ''conspiring against national security''. Al Islah is an illegal organization linked to the Muslim Brotherhood. (ANSAmed).


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