A 'Desert Daughter' a successful entrepreneur

Launches int'l businees using Bedouin traditional herbs

18 January, 20:10

The Beduin entrepreneur Mariam Abo-Rkeek The Beduin entrepreneur Mariam Abo-Rkeek

(ANSAmed) - ROME - Born into a Bedouin family in a tent in the Negev Desert, she grew up watching her grandmother mixing herbs and other natural ingredients to make traditional beauty products. As an adult, Mariam Abo-Rkeek, 40, used her traditional family recipes to launch a successful cosmetics brand whose fame has grown beyond Israel's borders. ''I grew up in a traditional Bedouin family,'' the single entrepreneur from the Tel Sheva community wrote on her Facebook profile. ''I was attracted to medicinal herbs since I was a child. My grandmother taught me how to pick them without damaging their ability to reproduce.'' It was while studying business in London that she noticed a growing consciousness of natural remedies. ''At the same time, whenever I went home to the Negev, I watched my community leaving the natural life style behind, using more and more synthetic products and losing their holistic world view,'' Abo-Rkeek wrote.

At the end of the 90s, Abo-Rkeek went home and transformed her father's stables into labs, launching her cosmetics brand, Desert Daughter, in 2005. Today her expanding company, which employs Bedouin women, receives visitors in its Negev showroom, giving them a taste of desert hospitality and conducting cultural seminars.

Besides making camel's milk soap and black cumin and cucumber oil, Abo-Rkeek has also found the formula for keeping past and present, tradition and innovation together. (ANSAmed).


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