Algeria: women with Aids helped to find work

Assisted in starting small companies from home

15 March, 12:41

Aids awareness campaign Aids awareness campaign

(ANSAmed) - TUNIS - In spite of progress made in treating Aids after the great number of deaths in the 1980s and 1990s, Aids remains a major issue in Algeria, a country which is still minimizing its entity for cultural and religious reasons.

However the problem exists and is heartfelt, especially as far as women, the weakest members of society, are concerned. However Algeria has lately appeared to have taken action against an illness described as the 'plague of the 20th century' by becoming aware of its vast implications, starting with the marginalization of those involved.

In particular, a new project has been started for women with HIV to help them find work. Women are helped to start small companies from home. The programme, created internationally in 2005, sees the cooperation between the Aids Solidarity association, the Direction of social action and national solidarity in Algiers and Pnud, the UN development programme.

A first step has been the creation of some 50 companies operating in crafts, agriculture, retail, training and bakery.

The head of the Direction of social action and solidarity in Algiers, Abderahmane Tigha, said the project helps women with Aids find a job as they have very few economic resources.

According to official figures, 7,509 people have Aids in Algeria. These numbers might not be exhaustive as there is only one agency in Algeria which is authorized to make these certifications. However, the path to help people with Aids has been started and though so far only women are assisted, soon men - who are the majority with Aids - could be helped out the spiral of emargination created by the lack of a collective conscience.(ANSAmed).


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