Non-EU nationals rising in Italy, 3.9 mln in early 2014

+ 110,000 than 2013, especially Moroccans and Albanians

05 August, 19:04

    Non-Eu nationals rising in Italy, 3.9 mln in early 2014 Non-Eu nationals rising in Italy, 3.9 mln in early 2014

    (ANSAmed) - ROME - A decade after 'large-scale regularization', 8 out of every 10 immigrants to Italy that received stay permits are still in the country, and non-EU nationals are acquiring Italian citizenship in ever greater numbers, according to Italian national statistics agency ISTAT.

    The figures released also show that 146,000 stay permits that expired in 2013 were not renewed.

    NON-EU CITIZENS, EVER MORE STABLE PRESENCE - According to interior ministry figures, as of January 1, 2014, some 3,874,726 non-EU citizens were legally residing in Italy. Between 2013 and 2014, the number rose by about 110,000 (3%). The nationalities with the highest presence were Moroccan (524,775), Albanian (502,546), Chinese (320,794), Ukrainian (233,726), and Philippine (165,783), and account for 45.1% of all non-EU citizens in Italy. Those under age 18 account for 23.9% of non-EU citizens residing legally in Italy. HOLDERS OF LONG-TERM STAY PERMITS - The number of long-term stay permit holders rose from 2,045,662 in 2013 to 2,179,607 in 2014, and account for 56.3% of non-EU citizens legally residing in the country. The percentage of long-term stay permit holders is especially high in the north-central part of the country. There was a slight drop over the past year in the number of stay permits granted, with a 3.2% drop to 255,646 in 2013. The decrease in new arrivals was especially high for women (-5%) compared with men (-1.4%). The reduction in permits granted was especially high in the central part of the country, where only 64,000 new ones were granted in 2013 (-11.5% on the year).

    Compared to 2012, there was a higher number of stay permits for work purposes granted (+19.3%), but a drop for all other reasons. Stay permits for family members fell by 10%, those for study by 12% and those for asylum/humanitarian reasons by 16.5%.

    IN ITALY FOR THE LONG HAUL - Over 82% of non-EU citizens regularized in Italy in 2003 were still there in January 2014.

    Almost 80% of those regularized in 2003 have converted their initial stay permit into an unlimited, long-term stay permit. In 2012, 65,383 people were granted Italian citizenship, 91.9% (60,060) of whom had citizenship in a non-EU country. The highest numbers were Moroccans (14,728) and Albanians (9,493), who together accounted for 40.3% of all citizenship requests granted to non-EU nationals, followed at a distance by Tunisians and Indians. WOMEN GRANTED CITIZENSHIP PREDOMINANTLY THROUGH MARRIAGE - In 2012, citizenship for reasons of residency by non-EU nationals numbered 22,844 (38%), those for marriage 17,835 (29.7%) For women, marriage remains the main way to access Italian citizenship, and accounts for almost 47% of those granted to women. Only 11.2% of men, instead, receive citizenship through marriage. (ANSAmed).

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