Muslims 'will be 8% of EU population in 2030'

Pew Forum research published by Le Figaro

23 January, 19:19

    Muslims praying in Milan (Italy) Muslims praying in Milan (Italy)

    (ANSAmed) - PARIS - The Muslim population of the European Union rises by about 1% every decade. This section of the population accounted for 4% in 1990, is around 6% today and could rise to 8% in 2030, according to a study conducted by the US institute Pew Forum and published on Friday by the French daily Le Figaro. Muslims in Europe tend to be younger than the adherents of other religions. The average age of European Muslims is 32, that of Christians 42 and that of atheists 37. According to the study, coordinated by the demographer Conrad Hackett, France and Germany are the two EU member states with more Muslims on their territory. In 2010, German Muslims totaled 4.8 million, 5.8% of the population. There were instead thought to be 4.7 million in France (7.5% of the population), about 3 million in Great Britain and 2.2 million in Italy.


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