Morocco: first world park dedicated to crocodiles opens

Croco Parc in Agadir over four hectares

03 June, 16:24

    Croco parc, Agadir Croco parc, Agadir

    (by Diego Minuti) (ANSAmed) - ROME - It is likely the first theme park exclusively celebrating crocodiles - which appeared some 200 million years ago - to avenge this animal's reputation, which is not always benevolent and is collectively known for its ferocious and astute reputation. There is perhaps something similar dedicated to alligators but the one in Agadir is the first elevating crocs as the undisputed stars. Indeed the main entrance has been designed as the jaws of a huge crocodile welcoming visitors - perhaps inducing a pinch of fear.

    The chosen name, Croco Parc, is not particularly inventive but it would have been difficult to find a different one highlighting the characteristic of the park, strongly sponsored by local authorities, which is hoped to attract thousands of visitors already starting this week after the official inauguration last Saturday.

    In the park's area - which was made in the municipality of Drarga, in the outskirts of Agadir, a short distance from the national highway 8 connecting it with Marrakesh - some 300 crocodiles will be present with a habitat enabling them to live and reproduce in the best condition. Thanks to waterfalls, the park's water is constantly filtered and oxygenated, also through the massive presence of water plants.

    The park, whose main aim is touristic, has been conceived - thanks to last-generation labs and an observation room for eggs - in order to be open to scientists and students who are interested in the world of crocodiles. The structure, due to the variety of plants (including those characteristic of the souss-Massa Draa region) is actually a botanical garden set in four distinct environments.

    The initiative's promoters have not made any forecasts but the hope is that the initiative will contribute in making Agadir more attractive to tourists as one of the main resorts of the kingdom on which many are investing.

    It is no coincidence that Croc Park was created from an interesting alliance of capitals from foreign investors as well as important and long-established families of Agadir who decided to contribute to a new tourist attraction in order to also create more job opportunities for locals. (ANSAmed)

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