Isis: threat on Balkans to 'avenge Muslims'

'In Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania we will arrive with explosives'

05 June, 11:08

    A frame of a video published by the Islamic State A frame of a video published by the Islamic State

    TIRANA - The Balkans are being threatened by Isis, which has announced it wants ''revenge for the humiliation suffered by Muslims in Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia''. ''We will arrive with explosives'', said the Albanian national Abu Muqatil (Al Kosovi), a Kosovan Islamic militants who claims to represent the jihadist group in the region.

    In a long video released by Al Hayat media center, the main 'production house' of the terror organization born in Syria and Iraq, the announcement of future attacks in the Balkan region is entrusted to Albanian-language militants.

    ''We will arrive with explosives'', says, among others, Abu Muqatil al Kosovi, a Kosovo native. Abu Muqatil anticipates ''dark days'' for all those who ''in Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia and across the Balkans have disparaged Muslims''. He then adds: ''you must be afraid to walk down the road, be in your offices, sleep in your homes. With Allah's permission, we will strangle you''.

    A few hundred radical Muslims from Balkan countries, from Bosnia to Albanian-language territories, have joined Isis although local authorities have announced a crackdown on the so-called foreign fighters.

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