Mideast, Balkans and migration at AdMed Festival 2015

Showcasing changes in Med region

25 August, 10:49

    Mideast, Balkans and migration at AdMed Festival 2015 Mideast, Balkans and migration at AdMed Festival 2015

    ANCONA - The Adriatic Mediterranean Festival 2015, from August 29 to September 5 in Ancona, will be a chance to understand better the Mediterranean.
    From Tunisia to Turkey, from Egypt to migration, from the Balkan borders to the southern shores of the sea, the stories will be told by those experiencing them firsthand, starting from Paolo Rumiz, who on September 2 will be given the 2015 Adriatic Mediterranean Award.
    Writer, journalist and traveller, Rumiz has crossed Mediterranean and Balkan borders - which in recent weeks have gone back to being closed ones - many times over the years.
    On Wednesday, Rumiz will be at the center of an event at the Corte della Mole on the legacy of WWI, 100 years after Italy first entered the conflict. On August 30, there will be the chance to look more deeply at the changes in the Middle East and the Mediterranean at an event with Marco Cesario, a journalist who has focused extensively on the Mediterranean and worked for ANSAmed.
    The Palermo TGR RAI journalist will on August 31 at the Feltrinelli Davide Camarrone bookshop be presenting his 'Lampaduza', a reportage on the island that so many migrants see as a goal. Migrants, asylum seekers and refugees will b the focus of a September 3 event at the Convegni della Mole hall organized by Doctors Without Borders (MSF): "#milionidipassi: un Possibile Ponte per le Popolazioni in Movimento". The discussion will start from the figures: over 51 million people in the world forced to migrate to survive: 16 million refugees, 33 million displaced and about 1.2 million asylum seekers. On September 4, the focus will be on Egypt at an event at the Poveriera Castelfidardo with Davide Acconcia. Correspondent from Cairo for Il Manifesto, writer and essayist, Acconcia will be speaking about recent developments in Egypt, which is still struggling in the post-Mubarak era. On September 5 the concluding event - at Arco di Traiano - will be on Turkey, with the Milan-based journalist, who has lived in Turkey for 8 years and works with La Stampa, Avvenire and Geopolitica's East.

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