Calais 'Jungle' migrant camp to be evacuated Monday

To be cleared entirely during the week

21 October, 19:54

    The Calais camp The Calais camp


    PARIS - The full evacuation of 'The Jungle' of Calais, a camp in northern France where between 5,400 and 8,150 migrants have been living for the past 18 months, will begin on Monday at 8 AM.
    It is expected to last for a week, the French interior ministry and the local prefect's office reported on Friday.
    The clearing of the camp will begin on Sunday afternoon with patrols by immigration services officials who will be informing the migrants of the scheduled evacuation and urging them to leave it voluntarily.
    According to the prefect's office of the Pas-de-Calais region, prefect Fabienne Buccio has issued an order that grants 72 hours for the ''unauthorized occupants'' of the Lande camp (the official name of the camp) to leave it. The directive does not apply to ''foreign, unaccompanied minors'', who two reception centers will be tasked with. The order was posted in 'The Jungle' beginning at 6 PM on Friday in several languages.
    In recent weeks there were still 6,400 migrants according to the prefect's office and 8,143 according to associations in the area. The southern part of the camp was entirely dismantled in March. 

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