Phosphorous bombs used in Al-Raqqa airstrikes – sources

Activists publish video footage, photographs

09 June, 12:08

    Members of the Kurdish forces in Raqqa, Syria Members of the Kurdish forces in Raqqa, Syria

    BEIRUT - Phosphorous bombs were dropped on the ISIS stronghold of Al-Raqqa in northern Syria on Thursday night, local activists have said.

    The sources have published video footage and photographs of the bombs exploding over the city that is under attack on three sides by Kurdish forces supported by the US-led international anti-ISIS coalition. The airstrikes are reported to have targeted the Mashlab district east of the old city, where the Kurdish forces are advancing. The US-led coalition has been heavily bombing Al-Raqqa for several days, killing at least 22 people according to the National Observatory for Human Rights in Syria (Ondus). Several hundred thousand civilians still live in the city.

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