Over 600 Syrian children killed or mutilated in 2018, UN

Humanitarian situation dire in the country

30 July, 17:55

    (ANSAmed) - ROME, JULY 30 - Since the beginning of the year, the UN Security Council's monitoring and reporting mechanism (MRM) for six grave violations against children in armed conflict has verified more than 1,200 violations.

    ''More than 600 children have been killed or maimed; more than 180 were recruited and used; more than 60 schools have been attacked, while over 100 attacks on hospitals and medical facilities or personnel have been verified,'' a UN website reports. Virginia Gamba, the UN Secretary-General's Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict, told the Security Council, said that the situation continues to grow worse with ever more violations against children. She added that, since the beginning of the Syria crisis in March 2011, the UN has verified the killing or maiming of more than 7,000 children in the conflict, now in its eighth year and that "I must stress that this is the verified number alone, the unverified reports reflect numbers that go way beyond 20,000 child casualties".

    "It is time for the children of Syria to believe in their own future and to learn what peace means," she said. UN data show that 2.1 million children in Syria have never been to school, especially because attacks have specifically targeted schools, and medical facilities throughout the conflict. One out of every three schools in the country is no longer being used as such because it has either suffered serious damage or destruction or because it is being used as a shelter or military center. She called on the international community to help these children, who have been deprived of the most important years of their development. She added that the children should be considered victims of violations of international law and children who had suffered unimaginable amounts but that they are the future of the country and that their protection must be at the center of all the international community's efforts. (ANSAmed).

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