Teachers march in Morocco for reforms, clashes with police

Eight years after Arab Spring, protests are back

20 February, 18:34

    RABAT - Police clashed with demonstrators in Rabat on Wednesday during a strike called by labour unions and workers to protest against lacking reforms.
    Eight years after the Arab Spring protests, Morocco is demonstrating again and the 20 February Movement is regaining strength. During the Arab Spring demonstrations in 2011, Rabat avoided the revolt that swept across the Maghreb, with its king conceding a constitutional charter.
    Teachers are now calling for reforms, and gathered for an authorised sit-in at the education ministry, dressed in the white shirts that teachers in the country traditionally wear.
    They attempted to gain ground by marching towards the Royal Palace but police intervened using water hoses and clubs.
    Several people were injured in the clashes, including some journalists.
    Teachers in Morocco, who earn about 400 euros per month on average, are calling for raises and are particularly upset that their contract hasn't been renewed for years.

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