Lebanon: demonstrators protest for sixth consecutive day

Against rising cost of life, corruption

22 October, 13:40

    Protests in Lebanon Protests in Lebanon

    BEIRUT - Demonstrators in Lebanon on Tuesday protested for the sixth consecutive day against the rising cost of life and corruption, repeating their intention to continue to protest ''until the end'' of the political-confessional system and its influence peddling. A ''general strike'' was called across the country on Tuesday. Schools, universities, banks and several public institutions will remain closed. According to Lebanese media sources, over one million people demonstrated on Monday although the number of protesters has not been confirmed by authorities.

    After the government announced on Monday afternoon ''unprecedented reforms'', hundreds of thousands of people in Beirut and in other cities across the country continued to demonstrate. Protests resumed early on Tuesday. Groups of activists have been cleaning the streets after demonstrations and sit-ins. On Monday night, groups of hundreds of youths aboard scooters bearing the name of two Shiite parties that are part of the government - Amal and Hezbollah - tried to reach the site of the protest in Beirut's martyrs' square but were blocked by the army. Both Hezbollah and Amal have denied any connection with the youths but videos published on the internet show members of Amal with the youths on the outskirts of Beirut.

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