Thousands of Lebanese students protest against government

No longer blocking streets but instead institutional headquarter

07 November, 15:29

    Thousands of Lebanese students protest against government Thousands of Lebanese students protest against government

    BEIRUT - Thousands of Lebanese students participated in anti-government protests in Beirut on Thursday as part of a popular uprising that has been underway in various cities across the country since the middle of October.

    Schools reopened between Monday and Tuesday after two weeks of being closed.

    However, many students from both public and private institutions in the capital took to the streets in small marches in various neighbourhoods, joining together to march towards the centrally located Martyrs' Square.

    The same type of student protest also took place in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli, where thousands of university students protested en masse.

    Lebanese activists and protesters have changed their civil disobedience tactics over the past 24 hours, as seen by ANSA in Beirut and Tripoli, confirming reports by eyewitnesses and activists in Sidone and other minor cities.

    Since Wednesday, activists are no longer occupying streets, due in part to pressure by authorities and law enforcement, and are now focusing on blocking access to institutional headquarters in Beirut and other cities in the country.

    Their stated objective is to "paralyse the State's ability to function at a local level, and, gradually, at a central level".

    In Beirut, Tripoli, and Sidone, sit-ins were organised in front of the headquarters of the central bank, the telephone company, the electric company, the land registry offices, public universities, municipal offices, and the headquarters of some ministries.

    In some cases, this prevented employees from going to work, causing service interruptions in various public offices.

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