Lebanese soldier accused of killing protester arrested

Thousands protest after president's TV interview

13 November, 17:38

    BEIRUT - A Lebanese soldier accused of killing a protester in south Beirut in recent hours under unclear circumstances has been arrested, said Lebanese media.

    Media reports said the soldier opened fire to push demonstrators to reopen the highway between Beirut and Sidone, near the city of Khalde.

    Lebanese government news agency NNA said the victim died as a result of injuries.

    Other media sources, however, released amateur videos showing that the victim was killed after being hit in the head by a bullet shot by the soldier, who wanted to use his vehicle to break down the demonstrators' road block.

    This most recent victim is the fourth person who has been killed since the start of protests on October 17.

    Two Syrian laborers were killed on October 18 in the centre of Beirut when a store was set on fire and they were trapped inside.

    A young Lebanese man was killed on October 20 on the outskirts of Beirut by gunshots fired by unspecified armed men.

    Popular anger and protests exploded again on Tuesday evening following an interview of Lebanese President Michel Aoun on Lebanese TV.

    Aoun repeated that politicians intend to remain in power, despite the fact that thousands of Lebanese have taken to the streets in cities across the country in the past month calling for their resignation.

    Lebanon's main roads have once again been blocked by protesters in various regions of the country.

    On Wednesday, numerous schools remained closed, and banks continued their strike, closing branches throughout the country.

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