Italian-made bombs helped kill 12,000 Yemeni civilians-Oxfam

Since 2015. Also UK, US, French and Iranian bombs used

28 November, 15:13

    BEIRUT - The conflict in Yemen has caused around 100,000 deaths in four years including 20,000 this year alone, according to Oxfam.

    The international humanitarian organization has been working in Yemen for decades. Since 2015, Oxfam said, some 12,000 civilians have been killed including 8,000 that died as a result of bombs dropped by Saudi Arabia that had for the most part been made in the UK, the US, France, Iran, or Italy.

    In Yemen, several intertwined conflicts have been underway for years, with both local armed groups and regional and international powers involved. The war refered to in the latest Oxfam report is one that has been underway since 2015 between the international Saudi-led Arab Coalition and Houthi rebels, who are close to Iran.

    Oxfam added that in over one third of the cases, these bombings killed women or children as ''collateral damage'' and that there had been attacks on refugee camps, populated areas, schools, and hospitals. The international organization added that, over the past three months, the number of civilians killed had risen by 25%. Since the beginning of the year over 1,100 civilians have bene killed and 12,000 since 2015.

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