Migrants: group tries to storm Serbia-Hungary border fence

Police fire in air, four crossed the barrier and were arrested

28 January, 18:14

    Migrants near the Hungarian border, in Horgos, Serbia Migrants near the Hungarian border, in Horgos, Serbia

    BELGRADE - A group of 60 migrants on Tuesday morning tried to storm a protective barrier erected by Hungarian authorities in 2015 at the border between Serbia and Hungary in an attempt to illegally cross into the country, according to local media reports quoting Hungarian police spokesperson Silvia Sabo. The spokeswoman said the officers fired three warning shots in the air and the migrants withdrew.

    Only four crossed into Hungarian territory and were blocked and arrested. Nobody was injured, according to the reports. The incident occurred at around 5:30 am local time at the border crossing of Horgos-Reske 2, which was closed to traffic.

    Over the past few months the number of migrants using the Balkan route and trying to illegally travel from Serbia to Hungary, an EU member, has grown.

    The same situation was registered in northwestern Bosnia-Herzegovina, where the number of refugees trying to reach Croatia, also an EU member, is on the rise.

    The Serbian-Hungarian crossing of Horgos-Reske, where today's incident occurred, was at the center of violent clashes between migrants and Hungarian police at the peak of the migration crisis in 2015, when hundreds of thousands of refugees tried to reach the European Union through the Balkan route. In order to counter the migrant flow, Hungarian Premier Viktor Orban decided to build the barbed wire fence along the entire border line with Serbia.

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