Doctors in Serbia alarmed, call for new state of emergency

Infections rising sharply. 'General closure needed'

02 March, 12:58

    (ANSAmed) - BELGRADE, 02 MAR - In Serbia, where the epidemiological situation has worsened considerably, virologists and specialists are calling for more drastic measures and general closures to fight the further spreading of coronavirus infections.

    Predrag Kon, the country's most well-known epidemiologist and a member of the crisis unit in the fight against Covid-19, said Tuesday that the medical component of the crisis unit has proposed newly enacting the state of emergency and a general closure of various businesses with the exception of pharmacies, supermarkets, food shops and petrol stations.

    In statements on Tuesday morning to public broadcaster RTS, Kon said such a drastic decision is the only way to stop the spread of infections.

    A state of emergency and curfew were in effect in Serbia one year ago at the start of the pandemic.

    In that regard, the specialist criticised the authorities' decision to close coffee bars, restaurants and shopping centres at 2 pm only for last weekend.

    In his opinion that measure was completely inadequate, given that as of Monday everything went back to before with closures at 8 pm for bars and restaurants and 9 pm for shops.

    Kon said drastic measures are needed so the public realises the danger of the situation, which is threatening the stability of the healthcare system.

    Some are also calling for the return of the curfew.

    After a period of progressive decline and relative calm, infections in Serbia began rising again, and the toll on Monday was nearly 3,500 cases of coronavirus and 16 deaths.

    Thus far there have been a total of more than 460,000 infections and nearly 4,500 deaths.

    Various criticisms have been made against the gathering of thousands of people at the two country's two ski areas (Kopaonik e Zlatibor), which have been operating at full capacity since the start of the winter season.

    In addition, gatherings and parties in private homes and public places have increased across the country, despite expanded police controls.

    The gatherings are taking place without any prevention measures, no face masks and no social distancing, as if the pandemic has disappeared.

    Political authorities have thus far been very reluctant to close businesses for fear of damaging the economy, the successes of which the political class never tires of praising.

    Meanwhile doctors, scientists and specialists are sounding the alarm over a continually worsening epidemiological situation that could cause the healthcare system to collapse and nullify the good results the Balkan country has thus far obtained in terms of vaccinations. (ANSAmed).

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