Lebanon: Tripoli in flames again, roads blocked

Amidst increasing national electrical blackouts

02 March, 11:50

    (ANSAmed) - BEIRUT, 02 MAR - Social tension has returned to Tripoli, the northern Lebanese port in the Eastern Mediterranean, where on Tuesday morning anti-government protesters blocked some access roads to the city, setting fire to car tyres and overturning rubbish bins to protest against the rapid deterioration of the economic situation in Lebanon, a country that has been formally in default for a year.

    The country has been suffering for days from, among other things, from a growing shortage of energy for domestic and industrial use.

    For decades in Lebanon electricity has been rationed, but in recent days electrical outages have increased and grown longer during the day in all areas of the country.

    The current protests are taking place against the backdrop of this situation in Tripoli, where for a year the anti-government protests have been more vicious.

    Tripoli has for decades been on the sidelines of social and economic development, and suffers from endemic and growing poverty amidst the country's economic collapse.

    Meanwhile, the national electric company EDL said in recent hours that bad weather and payment delays have hindered restoring electrical service across the country.

    Lebanese energy plants are powered by fuel, which is now scarce due to lack of government funds.

    EDL said two oil tankers full of fuel weren't able to unload their cargo due to the weather.

    A third tanker ship, which transports fuel for use in the two Turkish electric barges that have been anchored for years off the Lebanese coast, is awaiting a letter of credit from the Beirut government to pay for the fuel. (ANSAmed).

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