Syria: Countdown for Assad's regime has started - Italian FM

International community is late

05 July, 10:29

(ANSAmed) - ROME, JULY 5 - 'We are certainly late in ending the violence in Syria but the countdown for Assad's regime has started', Italian Foreign Minister Giulio Terzi told weekly magazine Panorama. The foreign minister also said in the interview published today that a solution to end the conflict must follow 'the Lebanese way' in which 'rebels were not armed and instead all parties gathered around a table to talk'.

Terzi also told the magazine that if the international community had intervened earlier 'we would today have 10,000 people alive rather than 10,000 victims'.

However, the time is up for Assad 'who is losing ground also among his Syrian supporters who understand how much he is damaging them', the foreign minister said.

Russia 'has at this point changed its mind and is working to stop the regime' and the deadlock within the UN could be broken as China's opposition could change 'once Moscow will officially side against Assad' who has in the meantime 'been consistently increasing the level of violence', noted Terzi.(ANSAmed).


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