Italy's foreign minister: UN veto strengthens Syrian regime

Cites humanitarian emergency, two million refugees

19 July, 20:17

(ANSAMed) - Rome, July 19 - Italy's foreign minister Giulio Terzi denounced Thursday the failed passage of the latest United Nations draft resolution against the Syrian government.

UN security council permanent members China and Russia vetoed the measure to pressure the Syrian government to stop its violent crackdown against insurgents. "The great worry is that what happened a few hours ago in the (United Nations) Security Council creates the sensation of having effective protection from some permanent members (of the council)," said Terzi.

Terzi remarked on the "impressive coincidence between the increase of repression in Syria and the phase of paralysis in the adoption of measures or decisions on the question." "The bombardment of Hama happened with massacres far more numerous than those that were verified in the first 12 to 14 months of the repression," Terzi commented.

Violence in Syria have continued for nearly 17 months, Terzi said, and so far caused "two million refugees inside Syria, 20,000 deaths, 70 wounded, 170,000 arrests and 70,000 disappearances". Terzi spoke also of an encounter with president of the Syrian National Council, Abdulbaset Sieda, in the Italian ministry building in Rome. Sieda told Terzi that the regime "is living its last days and is crumbling from within" with more than 60 defections to date among military heads. With respect to the vote in the UN Security Council, Sieda said that "the UN rules are outdated, because they date back to World War II and do not reflect (today's) needs". (ANSAmed).


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