Syria: Italian aid for Syrian refugees reaches Turkey

'Alleviate suffering in harsh winter conditions', Minister Terzi

28 December, 14:45

(ANSAmed) - ROME, DECEMBER 28 - ''Winter makes unceasing humanitarian commitment on the part of the international community even more indispensable, and Italy intends to do its part,'' Italian Foreign Minister Giulio Terzi said as another cargo of Italian aid for Syrian refugees reached Turkey near the Syrian border early on Friday. Sent from the humanitarian depot at Brindisi and financed by the Italian foreign ministry, the containers brought a first-aid field station to be installed in the safety zone at the Turkish-Syrian border, as well as 40 tons of donated humanitarian equipment including generators, fuel, and sanitary kits, and three ambulances donated by the Free Syrians Association in Italy (ASLI). The cargo, which will alleviate the suffering of thousands of refugees massed in liberated zones along the border with Turkey, is being delivered to the opposition National Syrian Coalition, which most of the international community recently recognized as the sole legitimate representative of the Syrian people. The increasingly violent 21-month civil war has affected 2.5 million people, causing 40,000 fatalities and creating 1.2 million internal refugees and driving more than 500,000 refugees into neighboring countries. The Italian humanitarian aid is aimed at those most threatened by the harsh winter season, such as children, women, and the elderly, the foreign ministry made known in a communique.

In the next few days, Italy will be sending refugees in the liberated zones three containers of food including pasta, rice, flour, and vegetable oil, which have been collected with the help of ASLI. The Italian agency for international cooperation is also acquiring 250,000 euros' worth of winterized living containers, to be sent to Syrian refugees in the Zaatari camp in Jordan. In Damascus, the same Italian agency has launched a project to distribute powdered milk to newborns and children aged up to 12 months, jointly with the Syrian Red Crescent, which is the only legitimate organization of its kind that is capable of operating on the ground in Syria. The distribution is to take place under strict medical pediatric supervision to prevent infections due to polluted drinking water in the Syrian capital, the ministry said. (ANSAmed).


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