Italian PM says Mediterranean is one of govt's priorities

In speech at 13th ambassadors conference

26 July, 12:49

    ROME - Among the priorities of the government is the Mediterranean region, Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte said Friday at the 13th ambassadors conference. ''There is of course the commitment to stabilisation and development of the southern shores of the wider Mediterranean, a region marked by humanitarian crises and growing conflicts but also a land of opportunity, whose realisation in terms of security and prosperity is in our shared interest to promote,'' Conte said. ''We are linked to it not only by geography,'' he added, ''but above all by the shared culture that over the course of centuries gave life to that pluralism of identifies that renders this part of the world unique. Migration flows, the fight against terrorism and radicalism, energy cooperation and intercultural dialogue are interconnected parts of a single challenge that requires an intensification of exchange, both open and constructive. The stabilisation of the Middle East must happen first of all through a solution to the crises affecting it. A solution for Italy must be found as I said, within inclusive and sustainable political processes,'' he added. ''It is in this spirit that in November we organised the Palermo conference for and with Libya - with the invaluable support of this structure - and with this in mind we will continue to speak to all parties involved to support the mediating actions of the United Nations, rejecting any military solution that the current stalemate on the ground has shown to be disruptive,'' Conte stressed. 

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