France: Toulouse;Italy Arab communities, dialogue must go on

"We are horrified, Islam nothing to do with crazy fanatic"

22 March, 17:27

(ANSAmed) - ROME, MARCH 22 - The organisation Arab World Communities in Italy (COMAI) has expressed its horror at recent events in Toulouse and has called for short-cuts and generalisations assimilating Islam and the acts of a "criminal fanatic" to be avoided.

"Unfortunately, fanaticism is a phenomenon that concerns all religions, and episodes such as those in Toulouse risk taking backwards a form of dialogue that is in fact increasingly necessary," Foad Aodi, the president of COMAI and of the Association of Foreign Doctors in Italy, has told ANSAmed.

"It is at moments like this that we must strengthen the links that unite us, overcoming prejudice and stereotypes," he explained. "The great challenge that we face is to show how Islam can co-exist with democracy and that the two are not incompatible terms," he added. As a result, "moderate Muslims should be supported in their battle. It is not right or fair to evoke the Palestinian question to justify the murder of innocent Jewish children". (ANSAmed).

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