Egypt: Morsi opens to youth, Copts and women

No veil obligation, full freedoms in tourism sector

29 May, 18:38

(ANSAmed) - CAIRO, MAY 29 - The presidency will make use of contributions from the young, from women and from Copts: there will be more than just Muslim Brotherhood representation among deputy presidents. Such is the promise made during a press conference by the Muslim Brotherhood's candidate for the Egyptian presidency, Mohamed Morsi, who opened up to these groups especially in a bid to win their support ahead of the run-off vote against former premier Ahmad Shafiq on June 16 and 17. "I undertake to ensure that there is no return to dictatorship," Mr Morsi stressed, admitting that the Muslim Brotherhood had been guilty of a mistake in their domination of the constitutional assembly. He promised that the composition of the next assembly would "please everybody".

Copts, he continued, are partners possessing every right: "There could be a Copt deputy president, if this is possible". The young have the right to demonstrate and will enjoy complete freedom, Mr Morsi stated, at the same time acknowledging the role of the armed forces in "protecting the revolution". As for Egypt's women, they will not be forced to wear the veil and they will keep their right to work. Mr Morsi maintained that tourism is a sector that would keep its total freedom and that all problems would be resolved "using presidential decrees if necessary to ensure that life resumes its normal course".


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