France: Restrictive law on foreign students repealed

01 June, 10:35

(ANSAmed) - PARIS, JUNE 1 - The circular law introduced last year by France's former Interior Minister, Claude Guéant, which restricted chances for foreign graduates from working in France, has been repealed yesterday by the country's new left-wing government, a ministerial statement has announced. "The Interior Minister, Manuel Valls, the Employment Minister, Michel Sapin, and the Minister for Higher Education, Geneviève Fioraso, have made official the repeal of the circular relating to the access for foreign students to the employment market," the statement said. "The repeal comes in the form of a new circular, prepared in conjunction by the three ministers," which "sets out precise and transparent rules on the entrance and residence procedure for foreigners, the right of asylum and the professional code". "The main aim is to ensure the equality of treatment across the country, to facilitate the progress of students and provide a rapid response to their requests for a change in status," the text explained.(ANSAmed).


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