Syria: 30K UN troops and Saigon style evac plan, Dall'Oglio

Assad, his people musn't be left to the slaughter, Dall'Oglio

17 July, 19:11

(ANSAMed) - ROME, JULY 17 - Father Paolo Dall'Oglio, founder of the Mar Musa interfaith community in Syria, today called on the Italian government to convince Iran, Russia, and the Sunnite majority countries to accept a humanitarian corridor of 30,000 UN peacekeepers to stop the bloodbath in Syria.

Dall'Oglio, who was recently expelled from Syria by the Assad regime and who is a promoter of dialogue between Christians and Muslims, spoke at a House human rights committee hearing today.

''The 300 UN observers sent by (UN Syria Envoy Kofi) Annan are a sign of irresponsibility,'' Dall'Oglio said. ''Placing 30,000 peacekeepers along the Orontes river and through the middle of Damascus would be a sign of attentiveness.'' The Syrian regime has turned into ''a criminal organization,'' Dall'Oglio said, adding that, should Assad fall, Syria's former friends should also contemplate a Saigon-style evacuation plan for the president, his family and his closest supporters, so that their lives can be saved and they can be put on trial. ''If the regime falls, we have to think of how to pull 25,000 of Assad's people out of Damascus. They must not be left to be slaughtered. A way out must be found for them,'' Dall'Oglio said. (ANSAMed).


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