Serbians must stop false EU asylum claims

Dacic, relaxed visa laws under threat

09 October, 14:25

(ANSAmed) - BELGRADE, OCTOBER 9 - The number of false asylum claims made by Serbians in EU countries has fallen considerably.

But they still threaten relaxed visa laws granted to Serbia in 2009, according to Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dai. Dacic who met with Belgium's Asylum and Immigration State Secretary Maggie De Block in Belgrade, said that 17,000 Serbians - mostly ethnic Roms and Albanians living in the south of the country, claimed asylum in EU countries in 2010; a number that has halved in 2011.

''We have made huge efforts to abolish visas, but we could easily be deprived of that facility'', Dai said. According to Dai, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Luxembourg and Switzerland are top of the most requested countries, for economic rather than political reasons. Maggie De Block claims that if the number of false asylum seekers doesn't drop, Serbia's relaxed visa laws could come under serious threat. She personally visited communities in south Serbia to explain that new requests for EU asylum would not be accepted. (ANSAmed).


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