Barroso says European stability at stake in budget talks

21 November, 12:04

(ANSAmed) - STRASBOURG, NOVEMBER 21 - Nothing less than the "stability and prosperity" of Europe are at stake in the contentious European Union budget negotiations, European Commission President Jose' Manuel Barroso said Wednesday.

He was speaking on the day before the beginning of a summit dedicated to the Commission's seven-year budget plan for the European Union.

"Our proposals represent the public's interest," Barroso said as the EC tries to find some middle ground for its one-trillion-euro budget plan for 2014-2020.

Some countries, including Britain, Germany and Sweden, are demanding cuts of as much as 200 billion euros to the EC's budget plan.

However, Italy and others are deeply opposed to the cuts, fearing such they would cause significant damage.

Barroso, who has previously called the budget plan "a catalyst for growth", defended the proposals by the executive arm of the EU.

"(Countries) spend billions to save banks (from going to the wall), and then cut a few million from the poor: how do you think that citizens can swallow that?" he said.(ANSAmed).


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