Egypt: more clashes at Presidential palace, two dead

All presidential advisors resign

05 December, 21:12

Morsi supporters, opponents clash in Cairo Morsi supporters, opponents clash in Cairo

(ANSAmed) - CAIRO - The political situation in Egypt seems about to explode, after Mohamed Morsi's recent moves transformed the area around the presidential palace in Cairo into the scene of more clashes between his supporters and those opposing him. More blood has also been shed, with at least two people dying in the clashes this evening: a Muslim Brotherhood activist and a woman, ANSA was told by sources within the security forces.
   Meanwhile, all of President Mohamed Morsi's advisors announced their resignation, according to one of them, Ayman El Sayad. 
   Today, thousands of pro-Morsi demonstrators gathered in front of the presidential palace, taking down the tents of the opposition, who yesterday had been forced to leave them. This evening Morsi left the presidential palace while violent scuffles and stone-throwing were underway. ''The blood which has been shed this evening at Ittahadeya cancels out the president's legitimacy,'' said Nasserite leader Hamdeen Sabbahi in a press conference with Mohamed El Baradei and Amr Moussa. Morsi is ''to blame for the violence this evening'', and opposition groups are ready for dialogue if he withdraws his decree. Otherwise ''the battle will go on'', Mohamed El Baradei said after a meeting of the National Salvation Front. (ANSAmed).


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