Turkey: Hezbollah-linked group to enter politics with party

10 December, 14:04

(ANSAmed) - ANKARA, DECEMBER 10 - The Mustazaf Association (Mustazaf-Der), meaning "Those Oppressed," is set to enter Turkish politics with a political party that the association is planning to officially establish this week, as Anatolia news agency reports. Huseyin Yilmaz, the head of the association, said the party will be called Huda-Par (Huda-Party), or the Free Cause Party. According to Yilmaz, the association is planning to apply to the Interior Ministry this week to get permission for the establishment of the new party. Mustazaf-Der has been shut down in the past due to its ties to Hezbollah, which is branded as a fundamentalist terrorist organization by the Turkish state.

Yilmaz ruled out his association's links to Hizbullah, saying the Mustazaf-Der is a legal group, while Hizbullah is an illegal one. According to Yilmaz, the Huda-Party will emerge as an "alternative to voters" in eastern and southeastern regions.

Yilmaz also said there has been a huge demand coming from the people from Mustazaf-Der to turn into a political party for the past three or four years, and added that the Huda-Party would adopt a pro-Islam perspective. "We do not share the same opinion with the AK Party on the headscarf issue (the headscarf is banned in the public sector), and the same with the BDP on the settlement of the Kurdish problem. We believe that the Kurdish problem can be solved thanks to an Islamic point of view. We support the coexistence of Turks and Kurds," Yilmaz noted.



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