Jordan: Arrest warrant for brother in law King Abdullah

Over fraud charges

02 January, 13:03

(ANSAmed) - AMMAN JAN 2 - Jordan police has issued an international arrest warrant for arrest of an in law of the royal family over suspected embezzlement of nearly half a billion dollars from the national phosphate company, police officials said Wednesday.

Waleed al Kurdi, husband of king Abdullah aunt, Basma bint Talal is currently at large and believed to be in the UK after fleeing the country after his name was implicated in the multi-million dollar case.

Kurdi, former general manager of the state owned the national phosphate company, is said to have embezzled nearly JD 340 million in transport contracts, commissions and abuse of his posts, according to the national anti-corruption commission. Kurdi was said to have agreed to pay charges of transport much higher than the market price. It was not clear who owned the foreign company.

Other charges involved abusing his post after Kurdi signed an agreement to transport 250,000 tones of phosphate to Turkey with a local company owned by his relatives. Judicial sources told ANSA that Kurdi had transferred most of his financial assets abroad and was given the heads up to leave the country before being arrested.

The fiasco for the royal family is the latest episode in a series of accusations against king Abdullah and his family over embezzling state assets.

Several protests had asked the monarch to relinquish his ownership of large swaths of land in the south, which he seized without legal justification.

The monarch had responded to the land ownership by accusing a government he appointed of registering the land in his name. He had promised to wage a war against corruption and promised to topple senior figures in the process. Last year, the former intelligence department chief, Mohammad Dhahabi was arrested in a multi-million fraud case. He was sentenced to 13 years after the court found him guilty of embezzlement. (ANSAmed).


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