Egypt: rushed elections not conducive to stability, NSF

Voting to coincide with Coptic Holy Week, Sawiris also says.

22 February, 15:32

Graffiti painting on walls in Tahrir Square Graffiti painting on walls in Tahrir Square

(ANSAmed) - CAIRO- Egypt's main opposition group as criticized the ''rush'' to hold the upcoming elections, saying that this ''will not lead to stability''. National Salvation Front (NSF) spokesman Khaled Daoud told ANSAmed that the front would meet on Sunday to discuss the calling of elections to begin on April 27. He added that the group's lawyers were looking into filing a complaint of unconstitutionality against the new electoral law.

Coptic activist, lawyer and president of the Egyptian Human Rights Union Naguib Gebrail has meanwhile spoken out against the choice of date itself. He said that the Muslim Brotherhood had found ''a new method'' to stop Egypt's Copts from voting, by calling for elections to be held on their Easter. April 28 is Palm Sunday for Egyptian Copts and their Easter will be on May 5, when the second round of voting is slated to be held in a number of voting districts including Cairo.

The decree for election day therefore violates ''human rights as concerns religious freedom'', Gebrail said. Egyptian coptic tycoon  Naguib Sawiris also critized the decision. (ANSAmed).


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