Slovenia: vote on balanced budget rule in Charter postponed

New attempt at the end of May

08 May, 10:14

    (ANSAmed) - LJUBLJANA, MAY 8 - The majority of MPs in Slovenia - 44 in favour and 29 against - backed the postponement of a vote on the introduction of a balanced budget rule in the Constitution. The proposal to move the vote to a later date came from Jani Moderendorfer, whip of the main government party, Positive Slovenia. Moderendorfer said it was better to wait for the government to take a stance on the deficit 'golden rule' and the implementation of key points in the law to balance the budget before holding the vote.

    A new parliamentary session to discuss whether to include the matter in the Constitution is scheduled at the end of May.

    The outcome of this extraordinary session of the Slovenian parliament did not come as a surprise after a summit of leading parties on Sunday to discuss budget balance measures ended without an agreement. The main bone of contention between government and opposition parties concerns setting a date to implement the constitutional fiscal law: the opposition wants it to be in 2015 while the government is vying for 2017.(ANSAmed).

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