Libya: Premier Zeidan in Benghazi for security reasons

After warning of foreign intervention if chaos persists

11 November, 11:04

    Libyan PM Zeidan (archive) Libyan PM Zeidan (archive)

    (ANSAmed) - TRIPOLI - Libyan Premier Ali Zeidan arrived on Monday morning in Benghazi to discuss security with special forces chief Wanis Bu Khamada.

    The eastern Cyrenaica region, mostly Benghazi, has been at the centre of daily violence for months with clashes, attacks and politically-motivated homicides in which several members of the security forces, activists, judges and journalists have died.

    On Sunday Zeidan warned Libyans that foreign occupation forces might intervene if anarchy continues to reign in Libya.

    'The international community cannot tolerate a Mediterranean state which is a source of violence and terrorism', said Zeidan. He cited the Iraqi example and warned against foreign intervention.

    The Libyan premier stressed the situation in the country is being monitored by the international community and that a United Nations resolution - Chapter VII adopted in March 2011 - authorizes the international community to take the necessary measures to protect civilians.

    Clashes like the one last Thursday in Tripoli among militants in which two people died and another 30 were wounded give 'a bad image of the country' abroad, continued Zeidan, calling on Libyans to rebel against armed militias which are 'holding the country hostage' and 'take to the streets and support the construction of an army and police'. (ANSAmed)

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