French crackdown on terror with anti-jihad law in Parliament

930 French fighters. But for Le Monde 'law is dangerous'

15 September, 19:28

    French President Francois Hollande French President Francois Hollande

    (by Luana De Micco) (ANSAmed) - PARIS - Preventing jihadist candidates from leaving France by confiscating their documents is at the centre of a draft anti-jihadist law in the National Assembly as of Monday. Debate on the draft law started just as the anti-ISIS front was organizing at an international summit of world leaders on Iraq in Paris.

    The ''preventive'' law is aimed at stopping French citizens who intend to go fight in Syria or Iraq and potentially return to their homeland to carry out attacks. As happened in the case of Mehdi NEmmouche, the 29-year-old who returned home after fighting in Syria and carried out an attack at the Jewish Museum in Brussels, killing four people. An alleged 930 French citizens or foreigners living in France are believed to be fighting on the ground or to be ready to leave or return to their home country, according to data provided by Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve. Some 70 departures were prevented when, last spring, a platform to signal suspect cases was launched in France.

    The new law provides for an ''administrative ban'' to leave the country for six months (which can be renewed) with the confiscation of identity cards and passports. The measure can be implemented ''as soon as there is serious reason to believe'' a person ''is planning to travel abroad with the objective of taking part in terrorist actions''. If jihadist candidates violate the ban, they will be arrested once they return to France. The draft text also provides to block websites hailing terrorism if the editor does not scrap incriminated pages within 24 hours. (ANSAmed)

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