Italian Senate Speaker urges joint strategy against terrorism

Bombs create hatred says House Speaker at first Italy-led PA-UfM

12 July, 13:46

    The Italian Parliament speaker, Pietro Grasso and Laura Boldrini The Italian Parliament speaker, Pietro Grasso and Laura Boldrini

    ROME - Senate Speaker Pietro Grasso has called for a "joint strategy" against terror involving "slow and patient dialogue" between government and parliamentary institutions and "concrete action" in favour of a progressive solution to conflict and crises. "Conscience-shaking and sentiments of human pity are not enough," Grasso said at a seminar following the first meeting of the Italian-led Bureau of the Parliamentary Assembly - Union for Mediterranean (PA-UfM) in Rome on Monday. "The Italian presidency intends to launch intense and serene discussions with the commissions and governments in order to identify precise action tackling the root causes od ideological radicalism and terrorism," he continued. The first strategic priority for the Euro-Mediterranean area is to create a political future in the more unsettled countries by promoting the emergence of pluralist institutions, Grasso said.

    The second and third priorities are to deploy all military, investigative and financial resources to counter terrorism and to focus on prevention. "In this last respect the UfM has the as yet largely unexpressed potential for contributing to an undeferrable policy of Euro-Mediterranean cooperation," Grasso said. Likewise, Lower House Speaker Laura Boldrini stressed the importance of "working on what unites and not on what divides" and of creating "a Mediterranean context where there is peace, freedom, security and also well being". Boldrini also invited Europe to invest in rebuilding the region in the same way that the United States invested in Europe after the Second World War. "Bombs are not enough" against terrorism because "when military action causes civilian casualties, this creates even more resentment and hatred", she said, calling for an "essentially political" solution to the conflicts in Syria and Iraq. "And then of course it is necessary to combat terrorism, Islamic state, by striking its resources … and then avoid creating fertile ground for terrorism: because everything that is accidentally destroyed makes recruitment easier," Boldrini concluded. 

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