Syria: Moscow says no cold war with US after halted contacts

But US 'ready for pact with devil'. Rebels,against ISIS in Dabiq

04 October, 11:19

    Syrian army in Aleppo Syrian army in Aleppo

     NEW YORK - Russia's ambassador to the UN, Vitaly Churkin, said Moscow is not going through a new cold war with the United States, after the suspension of bilateral contacts by Washington to continue Russia-Syrian bombings on Aleppo.

    ''Cold war means clashing on any subject, this is not the case, but there are differences, diverging interests'', he added. ''In Syria, the problem about the inactivity of the Security Council is that there are fundamental divergences: the US are explicitly trying to use the UN institution for a regime change, but this is not the mandate of the Security Council'', stressed Churkin.

    For its part, the Russian foreign ministry said Moscow has ''the impression'' that ''in its efforts'' to obtain the wished-for regime change in Damascus, Washington was ''ready for a pact with the devil - an agreement to forge an alliance with real terrorists''. In a statement published last night, Moscow also accused the US of ''never exercising real pressure'' on the Qedists of Jabhat al Nusra in Syria and not undertaking ''any action against members'' of this group, ''who are continuing their bloody attacks''.

    War is continuing on the ground. Rebels supported by Turkey and the US are tightening their grip around Dabiq, the Syrian village at the center of the apocalyptic propaganda of ISIS, and are aiming to conquer the town ''by tomorrow'', according to a rebel commander quoted by Turkish media, who warned this effort will not be easy because the jihadists ''have sent massive support''. 

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