Russia 'crucial' for Libya solution says ex-premier Jibril

Says Europe too divided, serious humanitarian crisis without aid

30 November, 19:46

    Fighting against ISIS militants still going on in Sirte Fighting against ISIS militants still going on in Sirte

    ROME - Former Libyan Prime Minister Mahmud Jibril said on Wednesday that in order to get Libya out of its crisis, Russia "will have a crucial role, as it is having in Syria".

    Jibril spoke in Rome at the NATO Defense College Foundation's conference 'Deep Maghreb: (in)security and stability North Africa and its Sahel dimension'.

    "The international community, and the Europeans in particular, are divided and have opposing interests, and this does nothing but prolong the conflict and push the solution further away," he said.

    He said even Libyans "speak among themselves through intermediaries and depend on the outside".

    Jibril said he is concerned over "the catastrophic humanitarian situation Libya is facing". "And yet we don't receive international aid because we're an oil country," he said. 

    Russian help if embargo lifted, says Libyan Gen. Haftar. Army fighting militants in Benghazi, battle in Sirte continues

    CAIRO - Libyan General Khalifa Haftar told Sputnik online news during his visit to Russia that if the UN arms embargo on his country is lifted, Libyan forces would need training assistance from Russian experts.

    "Many of our military experts studied in Russia. But in the future, when an arms embargo will be lifted and the deliveries of advanced weapons begin, we will need Russian weapons experts for military training," Haftar said. "We do not want to disturb our Russian friends concerning the Libyan crisis. Russia has corporations working in various fields. They could contribute to the restoration of infrastructure, investment, development of oil fields. All this will help the Libyan economy and strengthen ties between the countries," he said.

    Meanwhile, the Libyan National Army led by Haftar launched a large assault on the terrorist enclave of Ganfouda in Benghazi, using tanks, ground troops and naval forces, according to the Libya Herald online, which said there have been victims. In the Benghazi area the army is fighting militants of the Benghazi Revolutionaries Shura Council, which supports al Qaeda.

    American anti-ISIS airstrikes on Sirte are also ongoing, and have reached a total of 460 since they began last August. Ground operations there are also underway, by militants loyal to the national unity government led by Fayez al Sarraj. The risk is that ISIS fighters escape to other areas such as Misurata and Bani Walid, where military intelligence has detected them. 

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