Ankara, EU towards abyss, soon religious wars

Cavusoglu, no difference between social democrats and fascists

16 March, 20:23

    Turkish FM Cavusoglu Turkish FM Cavusoglu

     - ISTANBUL - Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu issued Ankara's first comment in the wake of Dutch elections, saying that ''when you look at parties (in the Netherlands) you can tell that there is no difference between social democrats and the fascist Wilders. They all have the same mentality. You have started Europe's collapse. You are dragging Europe into an abyss. Soon religious wars will begin in Europe''.

    The Netherlands actually did not record the feared victory of Wilders' xenophobic party, which garnered 13.1% of the vote and 20 seats. The liberals of Mark Rutte won the elections, conquering 33 seats. The socialists won 19 seats, like Christian democrats. The Greens obtained 14 seats and the anti-racist Denk party founded by migrants three seats. 

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