Mattarella says Malta took its refugee quote, others no

'Juncker understands, migrants overall EU problem'

13 September, 16:25

    VALLETTA  - Italian President Sergio Mattarella said Italy recognises Malta "for having received its migrant quota" while stating that "this hasn't happened in all EU countries", speaking in Malta following a meeting with Maltese President Louise Marie Coleiro Preco on the eve of a summit on the migrant crisis, which will see the participation of 13 European heads of state.

    "This shows how the Union still has a long road ahead to increase its rate of solidarity on many fronts and in particular on the migratory one," Mattarella said.

    "It's important that everyone understands - and the European Commission understands - that the migratory phenomenon isn't just a problem of Italy or Malta but an overall European Union problem," he said.

    "We must ensure legal entry channels and govern the migratory phenomenon in an orderly way, because it certainly isn't transitory. We can't deliver the entry keys to the European Union into the hands of traffickers. We need legal and orderly channels and efforts in the countries of origin of the flows," he said, speaking about migratory flows into Malta.

    Regarding Libya, Mattarella said Italy is very involved, and is asking for the European Union's help to stablise the country and make the situation in the country's refugee camps one that is dignified and acceptable.

    "We must create acceptable living conditions and alleviate the terrible suffering," he said. 

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