Mideast Hanyieh, Hamas gives PNA control of Gaza

Faction's leader says Hamas cabinet dissolved

20 September, 15:18

    Il leader di Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh Il leader di Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh

    (by Massimo Lomonaco)

    TEL AVIV - Hamas has dissolved the government committee administrating Gaza and is ready to give executive powers in the Gaza Strip to the Palestinian National Authority (PNA), its leader Ismail Haniyeh has said.
    ''We haven't only issued a statement and announced that the administrative committee is dissolved - said Ismail Haniyeh, leader of Hamas, during a press conference at the Rafah border crossing with Egypt,- but we took initiatives that make that committee de facto not operational''.
    If the announcement in the coming days will be followed up, a passage of powers with the PNA will take place along with an historic reconciliation with Fatah, the party of President Abu Mazen, which was announced several times and never took place before.
    The rift led to Hamas gaining control of the Gaza Strip in 2007. Haniyeh also said he agreed with organizing general elections - an objective repeatedly demanded by the PNA which accused Hamas of preventing the vote.
    From Ramallah, Palestinian Premier Rami Hamdallah said he was ready to take the ensuing political responsibilities. He added that he has ''drafted plans to manage the various aspects of life in Gaza'' and comply with all duties towards the local population ''to reduce their suffering''. 

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