World destinies played out in Med - Alfano

'On security, stability, safeguarding human rights'

30 November, 20:26

    ROME - The destinies of the world will be played out in the Mediterranean, Foreign Minister Angelino Alfano told a Med Dialogues session in Rome Thursday. "Compared to the great oceans the Mediterranean seems like a lake but in this lake the destinies of the world are being played out, on security, stability, and safeguarding human rights," he said.

    "The Mediterranean represents 1% of the world's surface, 10% of global GDP, 500 million potential consumers, 20% of maritime traffic, 30% of commercial traffic, it has 4.4% annual growth, and it is a crucial point for the destinies of the world", Alfano said.

    Alfano went on to say that Italy has a "great knowledge of the language of the Mediterranean and seeks to decline it in a constructive way in many meanings".

    He reiterated that "Italy cannot be left on its own" to deal with the migrant problem, saying "to those who give lectures from on high we say, give concrete aid".

    Alfano added that Italy would back an initiative for a Mediterranean Erasmus student exchange programme, by issuing grants and favouring mobility.

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