Trump to recognize Jerusalem as capital of Israel

White House says efforts on peace process remain unchanged

06 December, 12:02

    WASHINGTON - US President Donald Trump is expected to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, not as a political stance but rather as the "recognition of a current and historic reality", according to senior administration sources.
    The decision is the result of a promise that Trump has been pushing over time and one he insists must be kept.
    The decision also brings with it the initial stages of a process to transfer the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, which will not happen immediately but rather over several years.
    The US Embassy will remain in Tel Aviv for at least the next six months, by order of the president.
    White House sources said the change, which comes after a series of phone calls by Trump to various Middle Eastern leaders starting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen), is simply an "assertion of the obvious" that is not connected to the peace process, to which it said it remains committed without change. Senior administration officials said the United States had long maintained a position of ambiguity, or lack of recognition, that could in some way advance the peace process. "It now seems clear that the physical position of the United States does not constitute a subject of the peace agreement.
    Therefore, after having tried this road for 22 years, a recognition of reality represents an important change," they said.
    The White House said it recognized that "some parties" could react negatively to the decision, without adding further details and admitting that the plan is not yet complete.
    "We're working on it," they said, adding that "there's time to finalize it and evaluate feelings after the news is processed".
    In the immediate future, however, fears are building over possible protests and unrest, to the point that the US Consulate in Jerusalem told its US personnel and their families, as well as US citizens there, to avoid non-essential travel to parts of the city and the West Bank.
    Meanwhile, the White House also decided to reposition a small group of US troops to be closer to countries that present fears of unrest.

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