Urban farming growing in Tel Aviv and Gaza

Israelis and Palestinians leading boom

02 January, 20:19

    NAPLES - Tel Aviv and Gaza share a passion for urban farming. The Israeli city and Palestinian region are in fact successful examples of the growing popularity of the so-called rooftop gardens, especially in warm and dry areas.

    The website Inhabitat, specialized in sustainable architectural innovations, has included them among six urban areas that set the example in the sector, together with the US cities of Detroit, Indianapolis and Chicago and Shanghai in China.

    In the Gaza Strip, the idea of urban farming followed a blockade imposed by Israel which caused serious food shortage with 40-50% of the population in dire need of food in 2011. The project was implemented thanks to international funding that allowed hundreds of families to receive a kit to build their own vegetable garden on the rooftop of their apartment building to be watered with a specific water farming technique that provides for a fish tank to be connected to the rooftop garden so that the water used for its irrigation is enriched by fish waste.

    A number of Palestinians have built their urban gardens on recycled plastic or wood on which they laid the earth with seeds used in traditional farming. This system is growing in Gaza as it also promotes environmental awareness and healthy food in an area where the population is continuing to grow.

    Urban agriculture is also growing in Tel Aviv, starting with the oldest mall in Israel, the Dizengoff Center. On the building's roof, in fact, a large greenhouse has been built to grow vegetables and greens that are then sold to the city's restaurants and to customers online with a delivery service offered on bikes. 

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