Trump cuts military support to Algeria over Jerusalem

Because it voted against US decision

11 January, 21:36

    CAIRO - Algeria's vote on the UN Security Council against America's decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel has "pushed" President Donald Trump into "suspending" military and humanitarian aid and aid to civil society to the tune of 17 million dollars a year, Algerian daily "Echorouk El Yawmi" writes in an editorial published on its website on Thursday. "The United States' position towards Algeria after voting on the UN Security Council against the decision of Donald Trump has put an end to security cooperation between the two countries," writes. This cooperation "has always been among the most important and notable dossiers open between Algeria and Washington since the 1990s," the paper adds. "The United States always gave an estimated 1.4 million dollars of aid to Algeria within the framework of security cooperation.

    However, Algeria's vote against Trump's decision has pushed the number 1 at the White House into suspending this financial aid," it continues. Echorouk reports that support to "other sectors including 12 million dollars in humanitarian aid and 4 million" in support to civil society has also been suspended. 

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