Greece: emergency services' management replaced after fires

After the resignation of Civil Protection Minister

06 August, 12:58

    ROME - The Greek government has appointed the new heads of the main emergency services in response to the controversial management of deadly wildfires last month near Athens, the office of Premier Alexis Tsipras said on Monday.
    The deputy heads of the police and fire department were replaced. The decision comes two days after the resignation of civil protection minister, Nikos Toskas.
    The government was strongly criticized for its response to the wildfires that caused the death of at least 90 people.
    Fueled by strong winds, the flames enveloped the Attica peninsula with the tourist resort of Mati among the worst-affected areas.
    According to the BBC, some experts highlighted the mistakes of authorities managing the emergency.
    They reportedly directed drivers to where the fire was developing and did not warn residents and tourists on time so they could escape. 

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