Libia: Haftar says elections must be 'transparent'

Or his army will make them 'abort'

07 September, 11:48

    CAIRO - General Khalifa Haftar warned that, if elections in Libya will not be ''transparent'' his army will make them ''abort''.
    In statements made Thursday and quoted by the website Alwasat, Haftar claimed he is the first to want a vote and that, in the event of proof demonstrating they are not ''transparent, the army will take action and make them abort''.
    Haftar then claimed that militia chiefs in Tripoli need to leave the capital and that a ''liberation'' of the city with military means remains an ''inevitable option''. ''Tripoli's militia chiefs can only leave. We have nothing left to do but to help them, through embassies, to live far from the Libyans'', Haftar told Benghazi's tribe chiefs, according to Alwasat.
    During a meeting with notables and tribe chiefs in Benghazi, Haftar expressed support for elections and the recognition of their result ''in the measure in which they are transparent''.
    ''There was a political accord in Paris between rival parties in Libya but all political accords are in vain (or ''are not useful''), the general was quoted as saying by Alwasat. ''We respect the agreement of Paris'', he added.
    He was referring to an agreement that was reached (but not signed) in the French capital in May that set December 10 as the date for elections, which Italy believes is too close given the country's precarious stability.
    ''We are engaged in a calculated risk, we are not working on a coup against power'', also said Haftar, who heads militias of the east that are also present in the west and are formally included in the Libyan National Army (LNA).

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