West Bank outpost near 'Tyre School' dismantled

5 small prefabs demolished, Khan al-Ahmar expected to be

13 September, 13:02

    TEL AVIV - The Israeli army on Thursday morning began dismantling an outpost that had been erected in recent days by Palestinian activists near the Bedouin village Khan al-Ahmar in the West Bank.
    The village includes the 'Rubber Tyre School', which an Italian NGO helped build. Israeli radio reported that five small prefabricated buildings had been demolished.
    However, evictions from Khan el-Ahmar - authorized in a definitive manner by the Israeli Supreme Court - has not yet begun. The Israeli military later said that the prefabricated buildings had been demolished because they ''had been built by representatives of the Palestinian National Authority as a gesture of protest and a challenge to the Israeli Supreme Court'' after it authorized the evictions from Khan al-Ahmar.
    The military radio added that Israeli forces had meanwhile left the area and that thus the evictions from the village - where dozens of families live - are not expected to happen on Thursday. On Wednesday the Palestinian Authority government called for popular mobilization to support the Bedouins of Khan al-Ahmar and for international pressure on Israel not to remove the Bedouins from their homes. Palestinian officials consider the demolition of Khan al-Ahmar to be part of a plan for Israeli settlements in the area and have said that it seriously jeopardizes the possibility of the 'two-state solution'. 

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