Bono in Brussels calls for 'romantic Europe'

U2 frontman at EP, migration is an 'incredible opportunity'

10 October, 18:55

    Bono, U2 singer and co-founder of the One campaign visit in Brussels Bono, U2 singer and co-founder of the One campaign visit in Brussels

    BRUSSELS - U2 frontman Bono on Wednesday said that while people were in general nervous for the rise of nationalism, he was excited by the rise of internationalism, during a joint press conference with European Parliament President Antonio Tajani. At the conference, Bono said he understood concern for migration from the South but was excited about what was occurring in the Continent.

    He went on to say that, ''while we grow older and our hair becomes grayer, they become younger and more vibrant''.

    The US frontman, who was in Brussels as an activist and co-founder of 'One Campaign', an NGO working for Africa, said that he was there as a ''fan of Europe and Africa''.

    He said that ''as an artist, I think I probably have a role to play in romancing the idea of Europe and seeing it as something warm-blooded''.

    ''Europe is a thought that needs to become a feeling and I am, as an artist, in service of that''.

    He described migrations from Africa as an ''incredible opportunity''. ''The Continent - he continued - is asking for a new partnership and we should sit together as equals and conquer the world''.

    He added that as a European as well as Irish, he found the idea of a widened patriotism exciting.

    He went on to say that art can be the answer as Europe is going through a difficult moment.

    ''If you think about the mythology of America and you think about Hollywood and how Hollywood perpetuated the idea of the American dream... when you think about artists involved in the project that is Europe, it's not that many'', Bono also said.

    ''I think we need more as people are questioning Europe''.

    Europe is very complex, the artist said but, behind politics, lies a ''loudly beating heart'' and a ''brain that is strategically working to improve the lives of Europeans, so we do largely live better lives than anyone else in the world''.

    ''I'm not sure it is heard by enough people, and I want to be a part of that romantic idea that is Europe'', he concluded.

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